Providing A Complete Range of
Floor Care & Maintenance

Our floor technicians have years of experience and take great pride in their work. We continually research the newest products to be sure you always get the best results.

Our Carpet Care Saves You Money & Improves Appearance

Mr. Janitor provides scheduled carpet maintenance that keeps your carpet clean and extends carpet life, saving you money.  Because carpet loses its luster slowly, people don't realize just how dirty a carpet really is.  Dirt, debris and oils gradually create an unappealing look, damage carpet fibers and shorten carpet life. 

The Maintenance-Free Floor Myth

The "Maintenance-Free Floor" is a myth. No floor is maintenance free despite claims made by manufacturers and sales people. Every floor gets exposed to dirt, grime, liquid spills and water, plus the debris from bottoms of shoes. Then too, anything that is dragged across a floor causes scrapes and scratches. So every kind of floor needs maintenance. Cleaning - sweeping, vacuuming and mopping - are important, but maintenance is required. Mr. Janitor provides you the full-service floor maintenance services you need.

When carpets go without maintenance, dirt and debris get deeper into the carpet and more expensive methods of cleaning may be required.

Our full-service carpet treatment includes:

  • Pre-spotting spots or spills
  • Pre-treatment of all high traffic areas
  • Extraction to clean and sanitize the carpet and restore its look
  • Carpet shampooing and dry chemical cleaning for spot removal are also available

We Protect and Maintain Vinyl Flooring

Because vinyl is soft and permeable, vinyl flooring requires regular maintenance to maintain its appearance and extend its life.  Mr. Janitor uses the best floor finishes and methods to maintain an appealing appearance and protect the floor. 

Without proper maintenance, damage from scratches, scrapes and stains can be permanent.  To get the best result, Mr. Janitor will give the right floor care plan at the best floor care value.

Stripping & Refinishing

This method requires stripping off the old finish. Then we rinse the floor clean and apply several coats of the new finish to give you a clean and restored floor.

Beautiful Clean FloorRestore & Burnish

Between cycles of Stripping & Refinishing, we restore and burnish vinyl floors to be cost effective.  Done regularly, Restore & Burnish will clean the floor, remove scratches and scuffs, and harden wax.  Restore & Burnish requires a thorough sweeping and mopping, application of spray wax and a high speed buffer.

Tile & Grout Service

Tile and grout floors must be maintained beyond sweeping and mopping.  Tile floors present these problems:

  • Dirt and debris gets caught in cracks and crevices
  • Grout is porous and absorbs moisture
  • Grout gets stained
  • Grout seals wear off

Our Tile & Grout maintenance service includes:

  • Machine scrubbing for a deep clean and restored appearance
  • Grout re-sealing to help avoid absorption and staining. 

Natural Stone Flooring

Most stone floors are soft and porous.  Our scheduled machine cleaning and sealing protects them.

Cement Floors

Even cement require maintenance.  Mr. Janitor can give you a natural or glossy look. Machine scrubbing and sealing the floor help with the appearance and cleanliness.

For a free estimate on floor care and maintenance, click here or call (520) 298-8787.

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