Green Cleaning Gives You a Healthier Workplace, Protects the Environment

With Mr. Janitor's Green Cleaning Program, you help protect the environment and give people - employees, customers, tenants - a healthier workplace.

  • With Mr. Janitor, you can be sure that:
  • Only Green-Seal Certified Products are used
  • Our staff's training and experience deliver maximum benefit
  • Indoor air quality is improved (compared to traditional methods)
  • One of our Green-Certified staff members will meet with you to assess your needs
Mr. Janitor - Certified Green Cleaning

Mr. Janitor's Jim Landis
is Certified as a
Green Clean Technician
by the Green Clean Institute.


Mr. Janitor's Green Cleaning can:

  • Reduce absenteeism, improve productivity, reduce tenant complaints
  • Give you happier tenants, employees, and customers
  • Reduce liability and increase safety

Improving Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Indoor air quality is consistently ranked among the top five environmental risks to
people in your workplace.  You deserve a cleaning system that improves and protects indoor air quality.  Studies have shown that compared to old-fashioned, traditional methods, green cleaning can significantly improve the overall air quality and help protect the health of employees.

In addition, your customers will be more comfortable visiting your workplace.  That helps you with customer satisfaction and retention.

The Right Agents, Equipment & Methods are the Key

Cleaning agents, equipment and methods are crucial parts of Mr. Janitor's Green
Cleaning System.  Mr. Janitor has spent countless hours creating an effective green cleaning system.  To assure quality and effectiveness, only products with Green Seal Certification are used.  Ease of use is also a key to ensure quality control and reduce costs.

Dust Control Is a Key

Because dust is the worst contaminant of indoor air quality, Mr. Janitor uses supplies and equipment designed trap and remove dust rather than release it back into the air.  Removing these contaminants creates a cleaner, healthier environment.

Call Mr. Janitor today, or click here, to have a Mr. Janitor, Green-Certified employee meet with you. Your employees, tenants and customers will be glad you did.

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