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Mr. Janitor Team

Using Today’s Innovation and 35+ Years of Experience

Since its beginnings in 1972, Mr. Janitor has grown from a simple two-man cleaning company to one of the most respected high-tech cleaning and service companies in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Today, quality janitorial services involve much more than dust, trash, and vacuum. The many newly developed technologies and the host of environmental concerns have moved commercial cleaning service to a whole new level that only a few companies understand.

The knowledge, expertise, longevity, and management skills at Mr. Janitor allow us to strategically maximize the value of each of our customer relationships. We promise to always achieve the most valued vendor status with each and every client.


You deserve a service provider that you can trust, a company you are fully satisfied with, one you easily recommend when you are asked: “who does your cleaning?” We are committed to meeting the needs of our most important asset – our valued clients.

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